Who We Are

Ours will be the place to find delicious home-cooked, love infused meals and Spirit-filled Bible studies. Relationships will deepen through one-on-one discipleship, transparent life mentoring, friendship evangelism, fun recreational activities, outings, and retreats. With an ear to listen, a heart to care, we will be sharing the Good News about Christ's forgiveness and love. In short, we will be sharing our lives with the military community.


The Harbor is a true home-away-from-home, offering warmth and encouragement to our armed forces personnel on Okinawa. Our U.S. military personnel are often under great stress. For many of the singles, the military may be their first time away from home. Those married find that their family is often left behind during long deployments and regular training. While willing to give of themselves, most do not know where they will go when they die, not having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


The Sneller Family


We have served as house director at The Harbor in Okinawa, Japan since April 2014. Every Friday night we enjoy gathering with about forty or so service members, spouses, and children for a potluck dinner, coffee, worship, and a Bible message. Rebecca leads the women’s ministry; specifically, the weekly women’s Bible study, and Deric also hosts men’s fellowship events and provides occasional marriage counseling. We love the relational aspect of Cadence and aim to share our lives authentically and intentionally with those around us. A significant aspect of our roles here is equipping other believers for ministry, and we love giving servant-leaders opportunities to grow and flourish.


Each of us was blessed to grow up in a healthy Christian family, with parents who led us to salvation in the Lord at an early age. As we grew, our faith journeys benefited from youth groups, mission trips, and discipleship from mentors.  

Deric went to a Christian college and graduated with a BA in ministry and Bible. While attending college, Deric felt led to Army chaplaincy and pursued that goal for the next several years. Rebecca went to a public college but developed a love for ministry while serving on the leadership team with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Both developed a love for missions, Deric serving with Youthworks within the U.S. and Rebecca serving on various short-term trips around the world before teaching at a Christian elementary school in Ghana, Africa. 

We met while attending Denver Seminary in 2007 and were married in June 2008. Shortly after graduation, we moved to Alamosa, CO, to serve on staff at a church, while Deric served as a chaplain in the Army Reserves. He deployed to Afghanistan for a year, so we understand some of the hardships that military families experience! Since we’ve been married, God has confirmed our calling to military ministry.


Deric grew up the oldest of two sons and surrounded by extended family in a small town outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Rebecca grew up with two younger brothers as an Army kid, traveling all over the U.S. and living abroad in Germany. Interestingly, Rebecca’s grandparents, Al and Marliyn Romaneski, were Cadence house directors in Germany while Rebecca’s family was living there. So, Rebecca has fond memories of attending their weekly ministry nights and various events. 

We were married in June 2008 in Littleton, Colorado. After graduating from Denver Seminary, we moved to Alamosa, a small rural city in south-central Colorado, where we both served on church staff. Our sons, Tobin and Evan, were both born there in 2010 and 2013. Our daughter, Kara Jane, came to our family via international adoption. She was born in China in 2015 and adopted in 2017.


Deric and Rebecca Sneller