Who We Are

Ours will be the place to find delicious home-cooked, love infused meals and Spirit-filled Bible studies. Relationships will deepen through one-on-one discipleship, transparent life mentoring, friendship evangelism, fun recreational activities, outings, and retreats. With an ear to listen, a heart to care, we will be sharing the Good News about Christ's forgiveness and love. In short, we will be sharing our lives with the military community.


The Harbor is a true home-away-from-home, offering warmth and encouragement to our armed forces personnel on Okinawa. Our U.S. military personnel are often under great stress. For many of the singles, the military may be their first time away from home. Those married find that their family is often left behind during long deployments and regular training. While willing to give of themselves, most do not know where they will go when they die, not having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.